• KP-tech’s constant innovation
    makes a difference in value.

    We never stop even at the top of the industry.
    We lead the market today, achieving process efficiency and technological innovation.

  • KP-tech makes a difference
    through the spirit of innovation.

    For sustainable future, by using recycled PET.
    we make deco sheets of low-carbon and eco-friendly as well as sheets for food packaging.

  • We are moving forward with the incessant eco-friendly technology innovation.

    Technology that coexists with the environment for sustainable development.
    KP-tech creates a differentiation with the spirit of innovation that thinks about the future

  • Technology which enhances
    the value of life with safe and healthy

    We produce products with always concerning our family will use.
    It motivates us to check strictly in considering the safety and health of customers.

  • Eco-friendly global enterprise makes headway into the world

    KP-tech always contributes recycled and reusable packaging as the leader of PET sheet market for innovation.
    We keep making an effort to innovate to offer customers better life values by strictly setting up standards of customer satisfaction and quality.


Technology which enhances
the value of life with safe and healthy

We let you get experience better life style by offering high quality of differentiated product made by hygienic materials.

  • 01

    Pharmaceutical Packaging

    PVC Mono PVdC AluAlu Aclar

    KP-tech has advanced facilities customize what customers want.
    We enable produce a wide range of products, from single layer PVC that can be applied in any environment to high blocking products.

  • 02

    Food Packaging


    KP-tech use Post-Consumer PET bottles for sustainable future to produce 100% rpet sheet with coextrusion technology.
    For over 40 years, we have accumulated experience, built equipment, and developed technology. With these background, we can produce to meet the customer’s need on thermoformed packaging and antistatic packaging sheets.

  • 03

    Furniture Surface Finishes

    Belitapet Belitasa Metalaileen MFMS Design and patterns Sustineri R Sustineri B

    We are developed high-quality decorative sheet products. These products are based on eco-friendly manufacturing processes and fall under the names ‘BELITASA’ and ‘BELITAPET’. BELITASA has excellent weather resistance and UV protection and BELITAPET has high-quality decorative sheets characteristics of vivid color

  • KP-tech seeks authentic innovation that changes.

  • Sustainable Development and ESG Management for our posterity.

    To make an effort to protect environment and resources for our rich, it is the driving force behind us steady development for 30 years. We pursue sustainable growth through technological innovation using eco-friendly materials and strives to preserve future environments and resources.


    Plastic Resource Circulation

    Approximately over 800 million of Post-Consumer bottles are converted into the flake for extrusion.

    Eco-friendly materials - Biomass PET

    KP-tech contribute ESG by recycling Biomass and it does not emit hazardous gas during incineration.

    Save resources for our posterity

    We do our best to produce harmless hygienic materials to the human body, environmental preservation by recycling, and using differentiated materials of high function and high quality.

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