All employees are doing their best to impress our customers beyond their satisfaction.

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R&D / QA
Quality Assurance and Quality Control, are key activities within the KP-tech manufacturing units. The company is committed to cGMP and CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT. A highly-qualified QA manager leads a team who monitor production 24/7, and follow strict release-criteria for finished goods. Furthermore KP-tech is making steady investments in quality control and R&D for customer.
KPtech KPtech
Our site covers 32,000 square meters under roof, divided in three main manufacturing areas : PVC, PET and UV Coating for decorative sheet. We have seven PET extruders, one PVC carendering extruder and two UV coating lines. Furthermore, to provide one-stop convenience to our customers, we are operating not only inline lamination facilities with PE or EVOH film but a slitting line with four slitters.
KPtech KPtech
Sales & Marketing
In a rapidly changing environment, KP-tech works with a organization that keeps track of market trends and promotes marketing for products and brands. We always consider interesting and challenging themes based on our customers and market concerns, and discover product strategies and market opportunities for customer satisfaction.