About us

Since its inception in 1981, KP-tech has continued to evolve as market leader in its core businesses.

Growth with a Customer

We think our future growth depends on our customers and their success.

After changing its name to KP-tech in 2002, it is currently the best company in the industry to produce eco-friendly PET, PVC for pharmaceutical packaging, and DECO sheets for eco-friendly furniture based in Republic of Korea. We continue to innovate today to add value to our customers' lives by adhering to rigorous standards of customer satisfaction and quality.

KPtech KPtech
Sustainable Global Company

Global companies that increase the value of health, safety, and lifestyle with eco-friendly materials

We are not complacent, we have achieved steady growth thanks to the trust of our customers, and we have received various awards and certifications as a result of self-innovation and investment. KP-tech's innovation spirit is to think about customers. We make safe and hygienic eco-friendly products with the heart of our family.

Our Vision

Hygienic material that is harmless to the human body Environmental protection through recycling Certificates for High-functioning, high-quality, differentiated material

Our Mission

Management for customer satisfaction The pursuit of employee happiness A steady contribution to society

We adhere to strict standards of work standards system and quality.

We promise you that we will continue to innovate and streamline our processes to add value to your lives without stopping at the top.