Pharmaceutical packaging

PVC Mono

Polyvinyl chloride, Barrier rigid sheets

KP-tech produces non-toxic, non-plasticized PVC sheets,
made for medical and pharmaceutical packaging industries

Kptech Kptech
KPtech KPtech

Key Benefits

Non Toxic Polyvinyl Chloride
Sustainable rigid sheets

Production according to GMP and ISO 15378 standards

Thickness 60 - 500 µm

Excellent processing properties

Suitable for standard and complex blister design

Available in white and transparent, colours on request

Optional UV light protection

KPtech KPtech

General Specifications

Thickness : 100~600 microns

Width : 1500mm(Maximum roll width)

Slitting Width : 80~1500mm

In-line lamination of PE or EVOH

Color : Available to customize clarity and color

KPtech KPtech
KPtech KPtech