Pharmaceutical packaging


Coldforming foil for total barrier blisters
Ultimate barrier against moisture, oxygen, light and gas

• AluAlu is registered trade of Constantia(Constantia)

KPtech KPtech

Key Benefits

100% barrier against oxygen, moisture, gas and light

Excellent deep drawing performance

No defects

Highest delamination resistance

Wide choice of specifications available for different application

KPtech KPtech

General Specifications

Thickness : 1355/180 microns

Layers : Nylon 25mic/ Aluminium 45/ PVC 60(130 microns) : Nylon 25mic/ Aluminium 45/ PVC 100(180 microns)

Slitting Width : 80~1300mm

Color : Inside Silver/ Gold, Outside Silver/ Gold/ Pink/ Blue gold (various metallic color available)

KPtech KPtech
KPtech KPtech
KPtech KPtech