Medical packaging

Medical PET

Medical-grade rigid PET sheet

Meets to high standards and demanding requirements of the medical thermoforming industry.

Inside Our Factory

Discover our advanced facility crafting high-quality medical-grade thermoformed packaging. With cutting-edge technology and strict hygiene, we ensure precision and excellence, meeting industry standards.

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Key Benefits

Production Line : Coextruded sheets,
Clean Room system

Good chemical resistance

High clarity


US FDA, EU Compliant

KPtech KPtech

General Specifications

Thickness : 0.15mm~1.4mm

Width : 1,800mm(Maximum roll width)

Lamination : PE, EVOH-laminating available

Color : Available to customize clarity and colo

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Products Line-up

There are three types of PET available

Type-1) APET(100% APET, Recycled APET)
Excellent transparency, Recyclable

Type-2) PETG(100% PETG, Recycled PETG)
High heat resistance, Excellent transparency, Bisphenol-A(BPA) free
Widely used in Pre-filled syringe packaging, medical device trays and thermoformed trays

Type-3) PET GAG(3 Layer)
Coextruded sheet, High impact resistance(Multi Layer), Excellent transparency

KPtech KPtech
KPtech KPtech