KPtech KPtech

Please be together with our growing company, KP-tech.

Please be our partner to increase the health, safety, and lifestyle values by producing the products utilized with eco-friendly material with us, and to help achieve the mission of customer satisfaction, talent development, social contribution, and eco-friendly manufacturing global company.
Above all, all of our employees are doing their best to provide the impression beyond its satisfaction to the customers with harmless hygienic material, environmental preservation via recycling, and high-quality material.
With the company’s growth, besides, we have been actively participating in social contribution project via scholarship and support project for the regional development.

With KP-tech, your career and lifestyle will advance much more.

KP-tech inherits “owner mindset and cooperative spirit” based on our inner mindset, roots, sympathy, and communication. And, based on the talent philosophy, which is innovation, best and obligation, we are supporting at best to secure and maintain the quality talents. We believe that our future growth will depend upon the customers and their success. Please be with us to produce the eco-friendly high values for the domestic and global customers.

Our image of qualified employee of company

The pursuit of innovation

The spirit of innovation that changes my work creatively and dramatically

Aim for the best

A passion that go forward to get the goal of becoming the best professional in the area of in charge

A frontier spirit

A spirit of challenge that takes the initiative in finding improvements and solving problems for individuals and organizations with one mind


Self-responsibility to drive growth throughout the organization and the company, not just at the individual level

KPtech KPtech


KP-tech thinks about the employees and would want them to grow together always.


Legal benefit

4 major insurance policies, basic annual leave, 52-hour of weekly work-time compliance.


Support the family events

Support the family events, offers the presents of national holiday


Supports the employees’ health and stable life.

Health check-up, support for various family events, group insurance for accidents, fitness center, children’s school expenses, etc.


Supports the employees’ convenient commute.

Inner/Outside dormitory, commute bus, parking lot


Offers the best possible environment for working comfortably.

Summer and winter uniforms, meeting rooms, staff card, office supplies, etc.


Guarantees the first greeting and support among the employees.

Welcome kit, presents for the long-serving employees, awards for excellent staff, etc.


Respects the employees’ self-improvement.

Workshop, training for new employees, support for book purchases, support for certificates achievement, support for training fees, in-house clubs, etc.


Provides the employees recharging and break.

Annual leave, half-day leave, family event leave, Labor Day holiday, reward leave, before child birth leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, recreational facility operation, family day.


Supports the staff-centered organizational culture.

Horizontal organizational culture, no force for company dinners, free dress code, free use of annual leave.


Thank you for your passions, staffs.

Long-serving employees rewards, excellent employees’ rewards, bonus rewards, holiday gifts, holiday (extra work) payment, 4 insurances.


KPtech KPtech
KP-tech thinks about employee happiness.
KP-tech considers talented people
to be the best corporate value.