Medical packaging

Copo PVC

Copolymer PVC

• Mixture of two or more polymers and Copo PVC is made by mixing PVC and VA polymers
• Suitable for medical packaging such as syringes

KPtech KPtech

Key Benefits

Suitable for medical packaging

Flexible physical properties compared to PVC
(Deep drawing available)

High-speed production at low temperatures

Available in white and transparent, colors on request

KPtech KPtech

General Specifications

Thickness : 100~600 microns

Width : 1500mm(Maximum roll width)

Slitting Width : 80~1500mm

In-line lamination of PE or EVOH

Color : Available to customize clarity and color
(Optional UV light protection)

Product Detail

PVC vs Copo PVC
Properties PVC Copo PVC
Material PVC 100 PVC 80% +
Copo PVC(VA) 20%
PVC 100 PVC 80% +
Copo PVC(VA) 20%
Glass transition temp
78~80℃ 73℃
Rigid More flexible
than PVO