Pharmaceutical packaging


Polyvinyl chloride, High barrier rigid sheets

Three types of product(Duplex, Tristar, Tristar Ultra )are registered trade of perlen packaging(perlen packaging)

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Key Benefits

Polyvinyllidene Chloride
Barrier rigid sheets

Flexible safe packaging for the maximum usage of container

100% new high-standard PVC resin, to guarantee excellent appearance and quality

Customized any color is available

Strict control on the shrinkage & expansion rate

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General Specifications

Thickness : 250/300/350 microns

Coating Layer : 40g/㎡, 60g/㎡, 90g/㎡,

Slitting Width : 80~1500mm

Lamination : PE 25mic+ 90g/㎡(Tristar),
PE 25mic+ 120g/㎡~(Ultra Tristar)

Color : Available to customize clarity and color

Product Portfolio

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Duplex is an excellent two layer product with good thermoformability. Our long experience in coating technology has made it to a standard film known across the globe.

• well established medium barrier film
• standard film with good cost structure

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Tristar is a composite film with PE intermediate layer for improved thermoforming. Especially suited for hygroscopic products requiring high barrier packaging.

• polyethylene(PE) intermediate layer provides higher flexibility.
• suitable for hygroscopic products for use in demanding climate zones.

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Tristar Ultra

Tristar ultra uses the new generation of PVdC dispersion to reach highest barrier demands on water vapour, oxygen and aroma permeability. Especially suited for hygroscopic products and for use in demanding climate zones.

• PVdC coated, ultra high barrier film

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