Food packaging


Post-consumer recycled PET

KP-tech is the market and technology leader in sustainable and recyclable rPET-based films for the thermoformed-packaging market. The company will re-purpose nearly one billion PET post consumer recycled bottles into recyclable packaging films as well as make APET, PETG & GAG   combinations.

KPtech KPtech

Key Benefits

100% PCR raw material used

Safe and secure thanks to the co-extrusion production line

Excellent transparency and surface gloss

Excellent vacuum formability

Sustainable solution that is recyclable

Various surface coatings are available
- Anti Fog, Anti Static. Anti Blocking

In-Line PE, EVOH Lamination Available

Containers (vegetable, fruites food)
KPtech KPtech
Containers (meet processing food)
KPtech KPtech
KPtech KPtech
Outside packaging of industrial products
KPtech KPtech