Furniture surface finishes film

Kptech Kptech

The only one, colorful metallic sheet

Our special extrusion techniques are combined to create this real metallic sheet.
It's a new technology eco-friendly product from KP-tech that can make your space beautiful.

KPtech KPtech

Key Benefits

Excellent surface finish with real metal

Various color can be implemented(any color the customer need is ready to be implemented)

Excellent Scratch and Surface Resistance

Various surface textures can be implemented

  • Anti-Finger

    • ABL01-ATF
    • AGD02-ATF
    • AGD03-ATF
    • AGN01-ATF
    • ARD01-ATF
    • ARD02-ATF
    • ARD03-ATF
    • ARD04-ATF
    • ASL01-ATF
  • Hair Line

    • ABL01-HL
    • AGD02-HL
    • AGD03-HL
    • AGN01-HL
    • ARD01-HL
    • ARD02-HL
    • ARD03-HL
    • ARD04-HL
    • ASL01-HL