Furniture surface finishes film

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Timeless elegance

ASA(Acrylate Styrene Acrylonitrile)

BELITASAis a decorative sheet that retains the advantages of ASA and its unique, non-yellowing performance, excellent processability and 3D forming make it suitable for high-end kitchen and other furniture applications.
As new material, ASA is a copolymer of SAN&acrylic rubber. It is a highly functional plastic that has most of the advantage ABS and has excellent weather resistance. Even when used outdoors for a long time, it has little change in physical properties and appearance, so it is used for automobile exterior materials, building materials, and furniture sheets.

KPtech KPtech

Key Benefits

Excellent Scratch and Surface Resistance

Various surface textures can be implemented
- Anti Finger, Anti Stain, Anti Marker, Anti Bacteria, High Scratch, MFMS

Wide range of design
- Pearl, Concrete, Wood Pattern etc.

  • KPtech

    Weather Resistance

  • KPtech


  • KPtech

    Scratch Resistance

  • KPtech

    Anti-Finger print

  • KPtech


  • KPtech

    UV Resistance

  • KPtech

    Easy to clean

  • High glossy

    • WHI24HG
    • WHI23HG
    • WHI21HG
    • WHI15HG
    • WHI03HG
    • WHB16HG
    • RED05HG
    • RED02HG
    • PIK04HG
    • PIK03HG
    • GYL06HG
    • GYD08HG
    • GYD06HG
    • GYD03HG
    • GRL03HG
    • BLL06HG
    • BLK03HG
    • BLD02HG
  • Ultra matt

    • WHI24UM
    • WHI21UM
    • WHI15UM
    • WHI03UM
    • WHB16UM
    • RED02UM
    • PIK04UM
    • PIK03UM
    • GYL06UM
    • GYD08UM
    • GYD06UM
    • GYD03UM
    • GRL03UM
    • BRL03UM
    • BLL06UM
    • BLK03UM
    • BLD02UM